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Welded Wire Mesh -- Plastic Coated Electric Welded Wire Mesh

Characteristics: PVC coated electro welded mesh: electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized firstly, then coated with or soaked in PE powder formed during high temperature processing in the production line.

Feature: The products are brighter in color, anti-corrosive, anti-rust, long term color sustainable, anti-UV & . . .etc.

Colors: dark green, grass blue, red, white, yellow and other OEM colors.

General Application: extensively used in supermarket shelves, interior and outdoor decoration, farming, breeding, poultry cages, egg baskets, animal and livestock fence, construction, landscaped fence, crossing fences and terrace dividing fence.

Plastic Coated Electric Welded Wire Mesh Plastic Coated Electric Welded Wire Mesh
Specification Diameter Width
1/2" 0.5mm-0.75mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 0.56mm-0.8mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 0.6mm-0.9mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 0.7mm-1.0mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 0.8mm-1.2mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 0.9mm-1.2mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 1.0mm-1.4mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 1.2mm-1.6mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 1.3mm-1.7mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 1.4mm-1.8mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/2" 1.5mm-1.9mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 0.7mm-1.0mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 0.8mm-1.1mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 0.9mm-1.3mm   0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.0mm-1.4mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.2mm-1.6mm   0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.4mm-1.8mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.5mm-1.9mm   0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.6mm-2.0mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.7mm-2.1mm  0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.8mm-2.2mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 1.9mm-2.4mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1" 2.0mm-2.4mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/4" 0.46mm-0.7mm   0.5m-2.5mm
1/4" 0.56mm-0.85mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/4" 0.6mm-0.9mm 0.5m-2.5mm
1/4" 0.5mm-0.8mm 0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 0.6mm-0.6mm   0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 0.7mm-1.0mm 0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 0.8mm-1.2mm 0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 0.9mm-1.3mm 0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 1.0mm-1.4mm   0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 1.2mm-1.4mm 0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 1.4mm-1.8mm    0.5m-2.5mm
3/4" 1.5mm-1.9mm 0.5m-2.5mm

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